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EB1A Visa Interview Experience
My Wife was the primary Applicant in EB1A,
Interview was at San Jose, CA Field office. Based on the Zip code it should have been in SFO.
Guess based on the workload distribution they assigned it to San Jose.

1. When I-485 Package sent to USCIS : 12/14/2018
2. When Package received by USCIS : 12/17/2018
3. Which Service Center reviewing : Nebraska Service Center
4. When I-140 PP Email notice received: N/A
5. When Physical Notices received : N/A
6. When I-140 approved: 12/14/2018
7. When FingerPrint notice sent : 01/03/2019
8. When FingerPrint notice received : 01/06/2019
9. When FingerPrint notice scheduled : 01/15/2019
10. When FingerPrint Done : 01/15/2019
11. When AP/EAD Text/Email approval : 03/06/19(wife),03/13/19(Self)
12. When AP/EAD Physical cards mailed : 03/06/19(wife),03/13/19(Self)
13. When case was transferred: 02/07/2019
14. My RFE Issued : 06/20/2019 (RFE on My Birth Certificate, I had to provide the NABC Certificate)
There was a system error RFE issued for my wife. RFE was showing in status however no RFE came in mail, We called L2 officer and he confirmed that there are no RFE issued.
15. My RFE was Received by USCIS: 07/31/2019
16. Interview Ready to be scheduled: 08/13/2019
17. When Interview was scheduled: 08/29/2019
18. Interview Canceled : 08/30/2019
19. When Interview was scheduled again: 09/04/2019
20. Actual Interview Date : 10/09/2019
21. When New Card Ordered : 10/10/2019
22. When I-485 approved : 10/11/2019
23. When Received the I485 Approval Letter: 10/18/2019
24. When GC card mailed : 10/16/2019
25. When Received the Physical Cards: 10/19/2019

Interview Experience:

Interview was at 2:00 PM, we Reached and cheked in around 1:30 PM

1. Checkin at the security, airport style security
2. Checkin at the reception counter to get the token nr
3. Wait in the waiting area, After 20 mins around 2:10 PM we were called for the interview
4. Had a long walk to reach the immigration officers room, Firstly the oath to say everything true, then attorney waiver form.
After that Interviewer took pic and scanned the fingerprints. Collected our Driving Licence, EAD and passports.
5. Questions were pretty straight forward, Name, Date of Birth and other Biographic informations
6. Where were we working, current employer name and address. EVL letter and most recent paystubs
7. All the yes/no questions of the 485 form, you need to listen very carefully and then answer the questions
8. The interviewer asked for the joined tax statments, marriage certicate, birth certificate, all w2's and marriage pictures
9. Then we were made to sign the I485 forms with the count of changes that were made, we made changes to our last travel history as we had used EAD to travel recently and the latest job details
10. Then the interviewer went over the Visa Bulletin and said that our date is current

Lastly Interviewer handed over a paper stating that the case is held for review.
Then the wait game started, however surprisingly next day 10/10/2019 at 6:00 PM the status got updated to approved and new card being produced.

Tips: Dress Professionally. Prepare the photocopies of all the docs, it saves time. Organize the folder with a index number and Sticky notes stickers its really helpful.
When in Doubt ask the officer to reapeat the question or clarify it before answering anything wrong in a hurry.

This forum was really helpful in the whole journey. Thanks All. Good luck to Everyone who's waiting for the Interview.
Let me know if anyone of you have any questions.
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