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B1/B2 visa interview-approved at first attempt
Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience. I was applying for a business tourism visa. I was quite pessimistic due to high number or rejection rates around me, though luckily mine was approved and this forum was a big help so wanted to add my experience to help out future candidates.

VO: hi ma’am
Me: good morning
VO: can I have your passport please
ME: sure
VO: scrolls through my work ex and asks why I left a big brand in very short span of time
Me: gave honest blunt answer since I was not expecting this question though I think the bluntness worked in my favour
VO: ok. So you are a financial analyst?
Me: yes
VO: how many years in this domain?
VO: Current company
Me: almost 2 years
VO: previous travel history
Me: no but I am taking my parents for a vacation to UaE next month. I am carrying the bookings if you would like to see (mention of family in any way is good)
VO: not required. I believe you.
VO: so duration of Us trip
Me: 2 weeks
VO: purpose?
Me: to attend business meetings for some companies that I have been converting since 2 years.i support XYZ in NY. (Highlighting 2 years was a positive)
VO: clarifies name of company
VO: so tel me more about the meetings.Not day by day but what you wil do there
Me: explains the purpose briefly in 2-3 sentences highlighting the importance of meetings
VO: stops me and confirmed couple of times to make sure he was understanding correctly
Me: yes and after returning to India, IL work on the financial models and give investment views based on meetings attended
VO: ok your visa is approved
Me: thank you! Have a great day.

Some things I observed:
if you ar clear on the purpose of the travel and your travel your travel is genuine, it will be easy to convince them. Travel history/ marital status doesn’t matter much if you have genuine travel reason.
I was under the impression that they need to reject some approve some to maintain quotas and around. 12 people in front of me got approved so I thought IL get rejected but realised that if you can convince them, the quota thing doesn’t matter so don’t get nervouus looking at people around you.
 Always smile and be confident but not over confident. Don’t try to be too charming Cz they can see through that.Someone was doing that and got declined.
Try mentioned family and on returning to India IL do this in continuation of the work. Does help.
Should have decent experience in general and with same company so they see value in why you are invited. If you don’t have think of an explanation to this.
Be optimistic. I saw most people getting approved at the kolkata office, rejections were limited. All the best!
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