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L1 Interview Experience.
First thing first, I am grateful to come across this forum which literally build up my confidence as I started to know things about my Visa and the Interview preparation.

The best part about the process was to get an appointment, knowing that the appointment window is closed and the next available dates showed of next year I was anxiously waiting for any updates on Twitter or my attorney.

on October 20th, I randomly checked on the CGI Federal portal in the morning and I saw the slots available for VAC and Interview. I booked my VAC in Delhi on 7th November and Interview in Chennai on 18th November.

As everyone experiences the anxiety - I had started feeling it too, however, later i realized I was just focused on the result - If my visa would Approved or Denied. I realized it's just me who is making a big deal out of it, If the visa would be denied, I have nothing to lose. Everyone knows their work and that should be enough to make you feel confident. Trust me, you just need to align yourself with the line of questions you get to know from this forum to be prepared.

Getting on the good part.

VAC appointment - Please go through your DS-160 form! I could see simpler mistakes like a mismatch of candidates' names on DS-160 to that of passport. Remember, if you are going to be that casual then you should definitely be tensed for your interview. Period.

Interview (Scheduled at 11:00 AM) - A day before my interview, I lost my wallet - I did not have my credit card, debit card, etc. I was very tense until I figured out my options (again, thanks to this forum)

I luckily had my cheque book and the bank was nearby, so I could manage to go to the bank at 9:30 (that's when the bank opens), got DD made, and by 10:15 I was at the consulate (The only struggle was the climate, it was pouring crazy and I was not happy to manage the last moment mess)

After getting in, I was asked to sort my documents in a set of two and shown a way to the interview area. Surprisingly I did not have to wait in a queue, I guess L1 had a separate path to that of B1/B2/F1 visas and I guess there were only a few in this category (L1). I submitted my DD(please check your DD and there should not be any print mark(or of any kind) at the bottom as they scan the bottom of the DD for processing. If there is a mark and cannot be scanned, you'll have to either use your credit card or reschedule your appointment.

During Interview:

VO: Good Morning.
ME: Good Morning Officer.

VO: So you're traveling to San Deigo?
ME: No, I will be traveling to Irvine, California.

VO: What's your title?
ME: Answered. (My title is not Software Engineer or Sr. Software Engineer)

VO: How many years of Experience do you've with ________
ME: 7 Years

VO: What is your specialization?
ME: Answered - be very specific, don't get carried away, I specified mine in one or two lines.

VO: Why do you think it is special?
ME: Answered.

VO: Why you?
ME: Answered.

VO kept typing all the information I gave to her and she replied, I am not going to take much of your time, it's heavily raining outside. I am approving your Visa. Please place your right hand four fingers on the scanner. She stamped on my documents, gave me the green slip, and wished me Safe Travels!

Two cents: You stress, you lose. Keep calm and be confident. I know it's easier said than done but if it's time that you're going to go and travel to the US, nothing can stop that.

Good Luck to everyone who checks's out my experience.
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