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L1A 15th Feb Biometrics and 16th Feb Interview - Fresh Application - Family - 4 members - Chennai
This forum helped me a lot for preparing myself for the interview, hence wanted to give back my experience to this forum.

L1A 15th Feb Biometrics and 16th Feb Interview - Fresh Application - Family - 4 members - Chennai

Accommodation: I booked "The Kings Grand" hotel near to both VAC and Consulate, good for 2 days. 14th Check-in, 16th Checkout

Myself "L1A", wife and two kids "L2"

Biometrics VAC - 15th Feb 2024

Appointment was at 12PM, Hotel security called auto, auto guy asked for 100 rupees, we reached VAC by 11A. We didn't had US passport size photos for kids. I observed photo shop inside the building, at basement. So I asked security guy (who was checking & verifying appointment timings and allowing inside the building) that, "we want take photos for kids please let us inside now?". security allowed inside. went inside the building, enquired about the need to take photos for kids. Shop owner said to go to first VAC and complete biometrics. Then we saw direction board near the shop for VAC, went to 1st floor, then another security told to move to 2nd floor. Security asked us to switch off phones, next counter asked passports and DS-160 forms verified the details by comparing both, luckily I didn't have any corrections(all DS-160 filled by myself), so sealed the DS-160 forms, if they ask any correction don't worry, you can get it corrected in the same shop at basement where photoshop is there, then we to moved to the next counter. Next counter guy verified passports and DS forms and applied sticker each passports. then we moved to next counter where there were multiple lines heading VAC Biometric counters. Helper guy asked us split us into two, me & daughter and wife & son to make biometric process faster. we both went different counters. First they took kid photo and next mine. if kid is not cooperating for photo then they might ask for us passport photo. Counter guy ask kid and your DOB just for confirmation, ask for finger prints. After this they told us Biometrics done, you can leave. Then we went to photo shop at basement, they were charging 300 rupees for each person for US passport photos for 6 copies. People were taking photos incase consoler might ask for photos at interview time. so we paid 1200 rupees and took photos. Then we out of building by 11:40a. Biometric process was done in just 10 mins. photo shop took 30min time for 4 members. Then called auto guy to drop back to hotel, paid 100 rupees.
Same day evening, we went to consulate premises by walk, to just get familiar with the location. had light dinner and slept early to wake early, so kept alarm 6AM.

Consulate Interview - 10AM,16th Feb 2024

Me and wife wakeup before 6AM without before alarm bell ;)
All got ready by 8A but interview was 10A, as per interview experiences I read in this site they were mentioned to reach consulate by 10mins before the appointment time to avoid standing in the long queues on the footpath outside building. My wife was feeling nervous, she wanted go to asap finish the interview process quickly. She didn't listen to me that I explained her we have wait for 2 hours on the pedestrian footpath, no place to sit outside the building, kids cant stand for 2 hours outside. So finally we decided to go at 8A, hotel security guys called auto, reached consulate in 5mins. There were only 20 people waiting outside, I asked them there appointment timings, they said 8:30A, 9A, 9:30A etc.. there were no one from 10A slot people apart from us ;). Then I just stand in the queue holding the passports and documents, family was standing way and watching me. one guy was checking appointment doc and allowing as per time slots. when my turn came, he asked me my slot time, I said 10A, then he asked how many family members?, said 4 members family, two kids, then luckily asked me to wait for 2 mins, told me to call family to come and join me. after they came, he told me go inside. one more guy was verifying stickered passports which were stickered at VAC, then we moved to physical security checkup, electronics gadgets not allowed. we just carried water half liter Bislery bottle and good biscuits just in case kids feel hungry (we didn't had anything for breakfast). after this we moved inside and told to sit, after 10 mins asked to moved to another building where interviews were taking place. one helping lady asked us stand in the queues leading to the counters. There were around 20 counters I think. helper lady was telling that, two queues available, one for regional languages(Tamil, Telegu, Hindi) for elder people (dependent VISA application) another for English.

Our turn came in just 10 mins after standing in the queue.

Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: give me passports

Officer was checking and verifying the docs and looking into the computer screen for 2 mins

After 2 mins wait,

VO: 1. Which place you going in USA?
Me: Answered ZZZ city in YYY state

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 2. What VISA are you applying for?
Me: Answered L1 A Managerial

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 3. What is your role going to be?
Me: Answered my title in onshore office

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 4. What will be the duration of your Stay?
Me: Answered X years

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 5. How long you are with your current company?
Me: Answered X years

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 6. What will be your salary in US?
Me: Answered X dollars

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO to Wife: 7. Are you going to work in US?
Wife: Answered

VO: Asked me to put my right hand fingers on the scanner, it didn't work/match, asked to put left hand, it worked.
Then asked wife to put left hand fingers. He put elastic band on our 4 passports together, kept with him.
VO didn't ask for i-129, DS-160 forms.

Finally golden words,
VO said your VISA approved, you will receive passport's shortly.

We are out of consulate building by 9A ;)
I think, because of family and two kids consulate entrance security allowed us go inside by 8:30A
Not sure they allow everyone like this or not.

We were so happy! feeling like over the clouds. I was unable to believe that my VISA interview completed by so easily. I was feeling so lucky. I was prepared for many questions by going through this site. But this site helped me with many doubts I had initially about interview process, questions, answers, timings, dressing, preparation, accommodation etc.

Thanks to All VISA interview experience contributors to this site!!!!

Beware of outside building auto driver scammers, once you come out, they look at you, if you feeling happy, then they start talk to like your best buddy friends, start wishing you and tell some non-sense like you happy - we are happy for you, make us happy, just give 1000 rupees will drop you to Hotel ;) just 1000 rupees for 500meter away hotel ???? then we moved away from them, all this dram happens when you come with family.

Then another auto guy agreed to come for 100 rupees, dropped us to hotel.
We immediately checked out the hotel by 9:40A, reached Bengaluru by 4P.

If you reading this means, you preparing for L1 VISA, I wish you all best!!!
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