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L1A Blanket - Functional Manager - UK London US Embassy
My L1A Blanket (for functional manager) + L2 for my wife got approved today at London US Embassy.

Thanks for all the information shared by other members in this group. It helped me a lot. It is now my turn to share my experience.

I had to attend at London US Embassy as I'm working in UK for the past 1 year. The visa application preparation started in the month of September 2019, due to several internal reviews and changes, it took 2 months to prepare the case. And attorney took a month to draft the application and support letter. Finally, I appeared for interview today Jan 21, 2020.

Interview Time: 9:00 AM
Arrived at London US Embassy at 9:05 AM
After a 20 mins wait outside the embassy, entered the building (Security allowed Mobile phone and Small bag!) and got the token. After a 30 mins wait, called for document check. Took couple of mins for the officer to put the documents (Passport, DS160 Confirmation, 2 copies of I-129s and 1st page of I-797) in a folder and gave it back and asked me to pay the fraud prevention fee ($500) at another counter. Paid the fees using card and got the receipt. After 5 mins, we got called for the interview.

VO: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Hi, thanks. I'm doing great. How are you?

VO: Good. Can you please pass on the folder?
Me: Gave the folder I got from first officer along with Fee payment receipt

VO: What is the visa you are applying for?
Me: L1A

VO: Have you had this visa before?
Me: No. However, I have had L1B and H1B before.

VO: Are they still valid?
Me: No.

VO: What is your job title?
Me: <My job title>

VO: What are you going to do?
Me: As a functional manager, manage and oversee the <Company name>'s <Product/Service name>'s function.

VO: How many direct reports do you have?
Me: 4 professional developers. However, as a functional manager I have oversight of multiple teams who do not directly report to me.

VO: Oh, you manage multiple IT teams?
Me: Yes

VO: How long you have been working for this company?
Me: 10+ years.

VO: What is the total years of experience you have?
Me: 15+ years.

VO: When did you complete your education?
Me: year YYYY

VO: What is your education?
Me: Masters is YYYY - Engineering degree

VO: Can you explain what was included part of your university education?
Me: Software Development, Computer Architecture, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, Accounting (I didn't really remember all the courses I had)

VO: When did you start working?
Me: Year YYYY (Same as the year I completed education)

VO: [to my wife] Are you married?
Wife: Yes

VO: [to my wife] What is your education?
Wife: B.E in ZZZ

VO: Have you been working?
Wife: No

VO: Thank you sir. Your visa has been approved. You will get notified when the documents are ready for collection.
Me & Wife: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Documents I carried
 - DS-160 Confirmation (Required)
 - Appointment Confirmation (Not used)
 - Passport (Required)
 - Old Passport (Not used)
 - 2 copies of Photo
 - Package from attorney
- Form G-28 (Not used)
- Forms I-129s (3 copies) (Required, 2 copies used)
- Support letter from petitioner (Not used)
- Copy for I-797 (L1 Blanket Petition) (Required, first page of I-797 asked)
- Organization Chart (Not used)
- Passport Biographics Page Copy (Not used)
- Corporate Docs (Company Profile, Annual Report, etc) (Not used)
 - Last 3 months payslip (Not used)
 - Payreview document (Not used)
 - Marriage certificate (Not used)
 - UK visa (BRP card) (Required)
 - Degree Certificate (Not used)

Hope this would help someone. All the best!
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