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L1A Individual approved HYD
Thanks to the forum for such a great information is being shared here – I am sure every L1 applicant wouldn’t have missed this site!.
I was in US between 2008-2012 on L1B Blanket and in year 2017 my L1B Blanket refused by stating “narrow approval range thus cant be approved”

I always having in my mind how this will effect my L1A case although every visa application is separate case altogether.

My company filed L1A individual on Sep 2021 in normal mode and got RFE in May 2022 (asking for more information on my managerial duties, it was certainly was on the cards because in initial petition wasn’t supported any managerial related documents(my law firm started doing now at the initial petition itself!, may be learning for them, glad that I got RFE instead of rejection!!)) and responded to RFE in June 2022 and finally approval came in Aug 1st 2022.

Searching for consular appointments were nightmare, was able to reschedule to Nov4th during October bulk slots release.

I do not want to get into VAC and other process, there is NO change to that process and called out by many applicants here already.

My Interview went like this:

VO: Good morning

ME: Good morning sir, how are you doing?
VO: doing great thank you.

VO: So, you were in US on L1B and your L1B refused with current petitioner?
Me: Yes sir, L1B was with same petitioner.

VO: Who is your petitioner?

VO: You were in US with YYYY Petitioner?
Me: Yes sir, it was YYYY

VO: Where are you going in US?
Me: AAA, BBB state

VO: what is you annual salary?
Me: XXK+ other benefits (got nervous here as I am sure its not par like 100K but close)

VO: what will your designation in US like Program Manager or Senior Manager?
Me: No Sir, its just Manager

VO: How long you are with XXXX?
Me: 7 years 7 months

VO: as manager experience?
Me: 2 years 2 months

VO: what will be your team size in US?
Me: 15 (7 direct and 8 indirect)

VO: your VISA is approved sir, have a safe trip
Me: thank you sir, have a good day

VO didn’t ask i797 either, he took only passport. So, I kind of felt that L1A individual cases are sure shot as now a days L1A blankets itself getting maximum approvals (not sure how long this continues, may be COVID effect?)

Finally 14 months wait is over with positive results.
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