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L1A VISA Interview - Experience
Hi Everyone,
Thanks a lot for your feedback and inputs shared on sample questions and experiences.

I had my L1A blanknet interview scheduled, felt nervous in the start as I noticed that the person before my interview was rejected (L1A) and a student was rejected for F1.

Here is the detailing of my interview.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning
VO: How Old are you
My son: 13yrs old
VO: So you are a grown up boy
VO: What is your name
My son: He told his name
VO: you studied in US
My son was about to start telling his study history starting from KG, however the VO didn’t pay attention to his inputs
VO: What is your name
My wife: She said her name
VO: So you were in the US before on which VISA
My wife: H4
VO: Do you know on which VISA are you going now
My wife: L2
VO: so xxxx is your petitioner
Me: Yes
VO: Who is your client
Me: told the client name
VO: Where is your client office
Me: told the address
VO: What is your salary
Me: told the salary updated in i129s form
VO: How long are you in your company
Me: told him the duration
VO: That’s a long time
Me: Yes
VO: You were in the US before on H1
Me: Yes, I updated the time period that I was working in the US, and what I did
VO: What is the designation of your supervisor
Me: Shared the information
VO: How big is your team
Me: Explained about the offshore and onshore capacity
VO: What is your line of sight
Me: Project management
VO: How many resources you hired in last year
Me: told him the total no of resources I recruited
VO: Only this much resources ?
Me: I said, yes, and justified the reason for the count
VO: What is the budget for last 12 months
Me: told him the no
VO: So, you have this big no for a small team
Me: Yes, it is for 3 years
VO: I was asking for 12 months
Me: Sorry, it would be less than that. Gave him the no divided by 3

VO was checking few information on his system and stamped the seal as approved and updated the VISA validity date in the i129S.

But, when he gave me the stamped i129S form, he mentioned that he has to check with his supervisor as he feels that my data would not be sufficient to interpret for L1 VISA.
VO gave me another slip, which was telling that your VISA is approved, and your passport will be shipped to the address mentioned in the application.

VO did not say the application is either rejected or approved, but told me that I will get the passport in a week of time.

I had a lot of preparation on the frequently asked questions, however I felt that the questions asked by VO are completely new to me 😊, however I tried to manage them

One more point, the VO did not even look at me while talking or asking questions, he was showing interest in updating data in his system, but I had confidence on my communication.

I am still not sure if I am going to get my passport with VISA stamped or NOT,

Can some one share help or info, if you had seen these in the past.
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