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L1B Blanket VISA Approved, Chennai
A BIGG thank you to this forum for all the experiences and questions, they were extremely useful and encouraging. Following is my experience:

1. Where would you be working in US?
2. How long have you been with the company?
3. What is your role? further 1-2, follow up questions about the role
4. How many direct reports?
5. How big is HR Team?
5. What is your offered salary?
6. Why cant this job be done from here ? (I was starting to get nervous)
7. Do you have authority to hire and fire people ? (This was question I had read before in forum, so had prepared well, yet fumbled due to nervousness!)
8. Do you work on any data that cant be accessed from US? (again this question, I had read before, but my nervousness was increasing)
9. the insights that you draw and analysis that you do, is on any tool or any software? Who works and who uses it?
11. When do you plan to go to US?

After 2 seconds, he asked me to scan 4 fingers on to the biometric machine and stamped the I-129. He said your visas are approved, I have asked for NIE in case you wish to travel before 8 Nov. After that, you wont require NIE, all the best!

I thanked the VO and was relieved.

Learnings and recommendations?
1. I-129S documentation and company letter had some deviation from my current and past roles and it was not matching with DS 160. Again, after reading experiences, I asked my Attorney, to change and align I-129S with DS 160. The paper size of US A4 and India A4 is slightly different and the color as well, so the difference was visible yet VO dint ask me anything about it. But do ensure the documentation is right.
2. Only document he checked was I-129S and possibly DS 160 on screen. nothing else, So revise the two documents thoroughly.
3. He was approving most of the L1 visa, yet I saw 2 of them rejected, and only reason I could guess was communication. Both of them were slightly weak in communication. I am not discouraging anyone here, but just conveying that possibly communication plays a key role in interviews.
4. Throughout the interview of 6-7 min, he was grilling, I was fumbling, yet I was answering the truth, was having eye contact and 'Trying to Engage' the VO. That was my determination throughout that no matter what and how much he asks, I want to engage him in conversation. Possibly that attitude showed up on my face although I fumbled a lot while answering. So keep your attitude clean and be truthful, it shows up the confidence in your face even if you are not performing well.
5. My area of work was Human Resources, so unlike IT folks, I really dint have a strong technology specialization of any tool or software. Mine was functional specialization in compensation which was possibly difficult to understand for VO. But I tried my best to explain.

All the Very Best to all of you!

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