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L1B Blanket Visa Approved - Chennai
I have benefited immensely from the experiences posted in this forum. I am glad to share my L1B Visa experience with all. This is my 2nd L1B Visa interview. The first one was approved and glad that the second interview also went smooth and very happy that the visa is approved.

8th June 2023 : Biometrics

Documents to carry : Appointment Confirmation, DS-160 Confirmation, Passport(please carry the current passport as well as your previously expired passport). It is not required to carry the Petition documents or any other documents for the Biometrics.

Process : My appointment was at 8:30AM. I reached the VAC venue by 7:45AM and was allowed inside directly. There was a small queue of 20 people and in 10 minutes time we were inside the actual building where the process takes place. First, they check your passport and attach a sticker at the back of the passport. Then you're redirected to counters where they ask your full name and Date of birth. Then your finger prints are taken(Left 4 fingers, right 4 fingers, both thumbs). A photo will be captured. This is the photo that appears if your visa is approved. The DS-160 is stamped. It took me around 40-45 mins for the entire process.

Things to check before leaving the VAC : Sticker at the back of the passport and DS-160 sheet is stamped.
9th June 2023 : VISA Interview

Documents to be carried : Appointment Confirmation, DS-160 Confirmation which got stamped during VAC, Current and old passports, DD for antifraud fee, Petition Documents - I129S(8 pages) and I797. You can carry supporting documents like Payslips, Education Certificates.

Remember to take a mask with you as mask is mandatory to enter into the consulate. The embassy staff is providing disposable masks at the interview venue. However, better to carry our own mask.

My appointment was at 8:30AM. I reached the venue by 8:00AM. There was a queue of 30 people. I went to the security and showed the appointment time. He told me to wait in the queue. Soon the queue moved and we were inside a building where security check is performed. After security check, we were redirected to a hall where a staff person asks us to rearrange the documents. He helped me in arranging the documents in the following order and put a rubber band on the bundle.
I129S(First 8 pages) + I797(First page) - 2 sets
DD(Anti fraud fee)
DS-160 Confirmation Page(the one which is stamped at VAC)
Passport(Carry your expired passport also if you've one)

Then I was asked to move to a different building. There were around 20 people who were sitting. They were all L1B Visa applicants and were all waiting for paying the DD(Anti fraud fee).

After an hour of waiting, I got my turn to pay the DD. After paying the DD, I was redirected to a counter where the Visa officer was conducting the interview for an applicant. I got my turn. Here were the questions asked:

Me : Good morning Sir.
        I passed the bundle(Passport, Petition docs, DS-160)

VO : How long have you been working with your company?
Me : I have been working with my company for xx years.

VO : Can you tell me about your project?
Me : Explained about my project in 3-4 lines.

VO : How long will you be staying in US?
Me : I plan to stay in US for xx months.

VO : Are your married?
Me : Yes sir

VO : Will you be taking your family with you?
Me : Answered

VO : What will be your salary in US?
Me : Answered

VO : Your Visa is approved.
Me : Thank you Sir.

Tips :
Reach the venue before 30 mins.
Be patient as there may be significant wait time. Be mentally prepared to not get impatient. Use that time to relax and rehearse the Questions and Answers.
Remember to carry a Credit card though you may have a DD just in case.
Take easy breaths to calm the tension or nervousness down which may come up(for me it did) when you're standing next in the queue for the interview.
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