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L1B -- Rejected
My L1B Visa interview was scheduled on 20th Dec 2012 on 9:30 AM . In initial verification of docs she(the lady at counter) asked for my wife's photo.( It's widierd to see she asked for photo as at OFC they take photo of every individual a day before). She asked me to come back by 10:45 AM or 7:30 morning next day. We have to run pillar and post to make the photo done as there were power outage. By the time we were back with photoes it was already 10:50 AM and we were not allowed to go in.

Next day i arrived a 6:50 AM. It was big queue ahead of us. At 7 AM the gate opened and the first preference were given to the couples or ladies with kids. I requested and were able to go next to them as i already had gate pass issued last day.

After security check and all we went inside and given new token again. This time we went other counter (than yesterday) for doc verification and the person checking the docs was surpized to see we were sent back to get the photographs. He asked whether we were photographed at OFC or not. Which i confirmed to him. After verification and all again we went to other counter for our fingerprints and asked to go next building for Visa Interview.

We went to other building and waited for our coupon number to flash on sceen. My number flashed after a while at counter 16. There were 3 people ahecd of us in line. The first one was for higher education (probably PHD in Maths). The officer was not convinced why it was required to have PHD for a school teacher and did not approve the VIsa. After that two person were given the VISA, probably they had H1B.

Here it goes and my tern came:

The officer greeted me with good morning and reverted the greetings.

First Question came -- Ok you are woking with so and so company?
--Yes sir !

What is your specialization?
-- Sir my specialization in client proprietry toll ...., I am working on this from so and so yrs and have gained lot of expertize with respect to application and process. While describing i have given the details on the application functionality. But it looked like he was pre occupied and was not ready to be heard.

Ok this is reporting application, then what's special about this?
-- I told about the functional flow which need lot of understanding of different application. But he responded evertime - it does not make it specialized :)

Ok what database this application use?
-- Sir this application runs on Oracle database.
Ok you work on Oracle database?
-- No sir the application is on Oracle but i don't work on database rather on functional and technical design. And ...reports which we create in compalince with CFR Part 11 and FDA regulations.
Ok anyone can read and know about FDA regulations does not prove any specialization?
-- I told about my experince on the system and overall functional understanding of client system which is not very common. To be very true it's very rare to have that understanding which i got working on the application over the last 6 years.
Everyone says the same but i can't consider this as specialized.
--Sir there may the cases were person are specialized in other application but in this case i am specilized in this client application. Also you can see my experience on the same?
-- Let me see , he looked into the computer for sometime and stamped on my I-129S, I thought he is granting me VISA but at last he handed over one more paper which says-
"Your blanket L-1 application is not clearly approvable under section 8 CFR 214.2 (l) (ii)(D) and INA 101(a) (15)(L)"


From the start of the conevarsation itself it lookes like he was preconcived not to approve the case. On every answer i gave he replied everyone says the same. I can't approve visa for evryone. At last he says multiple times there is nothing wrong with you or what you said you are very much eligible to go. Just i can't approve your VISA in this category, ask your HR to file it in right category.

The officer looked very knowlegible and had overall knowledge on process and clients as well.
I may be wrong but it seams to me he was predecided not to agree on my points. Every answer i gave resulted in everyone says the same.

Not sure how while first time i was given L1 on the same application and it was considered as specialized. And this time while extension of the same L1 ,it's not.

Go with confidence answer with confidence, try to stablish yourself as specialized knowledge expert. don't get dejected if you don't get approval it may not be related to what you say.

All the best !!
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