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  • Originally posted by twisted-pixel View Post

    I don't understand it either. In a couple of weeks it will have been a full year since I submitted the application. All docs were submitted together (except I-140 since that was approved 4 months before the EB1-C was submitted and we purposely waited until we had an approved I-140 before submitting), no RFE to slow anything down. We paid an immigration attorney to ensure everything was done correctly...and yet....nothing happening.
    is your case employment base?


    • yes. EB1C
      EB1C (approved I-140)
      Package : I-131, I-485, I-485J, I-765, I-944, G-28, I-693
      02/01/21 - Day 0 - Package sent to Phoenix Lockbox
      02/02/21 - Day 1 - Delivered - signed by F.Brown
      04/02/21 - Day 60 - NOA Received for I-485, I-131, I-765
      04/02/21 - Day 60 - Case Transferred to Nebraska
      06/09/21 - Day 127 - Biometric Appt Scheduled
      06/29/21 - Day 147 - Fingerprints Taken
      09/27/21 - Day 237 - EAD Card being produced
      09/28/21 - Day 242 - Combo Card in hand
      210 days since last update!