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Reentry permit date of filing CFR § 103.2 (7) i

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  • Reentry permit date of filing CFR § 103.2 (7) i


    I filed for a reentry permit (file given to post office) saturday november 2nd 2019, and left us soil Sunday nov 3rd

    i received a letter stating my application was denied because I wasn't physically present in the US when i filed because they consider filing date november the 4 Th .

    "USCIS will consider a benefit request received and will record the receipt date as of the actual date of receipt at the location designated for filing such benefit request whether electronically or in paper format."

    I was thinking postal stamp date is the reference.

    I just need your help on what are my options :

    in the mail the say either ;
    • Notice of appeal or motion (form I-290B)
    • Motion to reopen or reconsider

    Also Is it possible to avoid this step and the fees that it comes with since in form I-131 the never state date filing date is receipt date?

    PS : I guess the fees i paid for submitting are lost ?!

    Thank you for your help

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    USCIS considers their receipt dates. That's the date your package was opened, verified for contents & payments and then receipt generated

    Postal Dates (considered post marked date when a package is received at the post office) does not count
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      Forgot to add: It does not matter what form you file, the receipt date concept remains the same. This is available in their policy / manual\
      If they decide to make exceptions, they will issue a temporary memo that supersedes a specific article in the policy
      Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.