View Full Version : H1 Application when B1/B2 has been rejected twice

05-04-2006, 01:10 AM
Hi ,
My Current predicament is pretty same a a few but ith some more complexities. I will appreciate appropriate advice, So I can ensure to present myself in truth.

My H1B petetion was approved in Oct05, to be applied from Mumbai consulate.

I moved in OCt05 to Bangalore and joined a new company, who filed for my B1 visa from Chennai. I had made them aware that I will be able to commit to them till July06 since I intented to be in USA for work by OCt06.

Now the hard part.. My Request from Chennai consulate has been rejected 2 times, once in Jan06 and again in April06 under 214(b). My current company in Banaglore is keen and asked me to reapply for B1. They are happy for me to travel atleast over the next 2-3 months to help them establish good client relations and setup.

I am 29, M, single and Computer Engg Graduate.

Now my questions :
My H1 application from Mumbai is for Sept06, however at the time of application my B1 was just rejcted once... so do I need to update the form and reapply for a new date?
My petition for H1 says apllication from Mumbai, from where I have applied. Under current circumstance is it still valid and legal I had applied rom Mumbai.
Should I reapply for B1 again, as my company is insistant that I do,even after knowledge that I am comitted to them till July06.

06-12-2006, 08:20 PM
Previous rejection of B1/B2 does not really matter on H1 application outcome.