View Full Version : Lost GC files

09-08-2008, 09:27 AM
hi there,

we (german family of five) are here (delaware) on a E2 visa and started the Greencard process last year. A couple of weeks ago we got bad news from our attorney:

"the USCIS sent your visa file to the National Visa Center, which apparently never received the file"

:( :rolleyes:

Don't they make copies at the USCIS (that's at least what you would expect for that amount of money !?) or scan the papers before they send it out ?

what we did so far is contacting texas (our attorney did, no reply), contacting ombudsman (asked us to wait for at least 45 days), contacting our congressman (they did not get an answer from texas either :mad: ).

any advise what else we could do ? starting all over again and just accept that someone has done (and probably is still doing) a lousy job ? that really, really stinks !

We would be thankful for any input !