View Full Version : ILR refused - Need your help!

04-20-2009, 05:33 PM
Hello Everyone!

I am a 28 year old Indian woman currently residing in the UK. I arrived over here on August 2003 on a student visa. I studied a professional course as a full time student in a recognised university in UK. Ever since then I've been extending my student visa on a yearly basis until August 2008 when I completed five years. Since I had completed 5 years of stay in UK I applied for ILR in SET (0) "other" category. On 5th April 2009 I received a letter from the home office which stated that my ILR has been refused. The letter stated that since I've been residing in UK as a student I am not eligible for a settlement visa. I have the following queries:-

1.I had applied for ILR before expiration of my Student Visa [which was on August 2008]. I have overstayed here since my application was refused. At this point of time what would be better - to appeal against refusal of my ILR application Or to apply for a student visa extension on the grounds I've been granted full time admission in a college?

2.In the event I've to apply for a student visa extension, am I eligible to freshly apply for an ILR again in the future and if so, when Or in the event I've been granted a student visa extension, can I immediately or in the near future appeal against my present ILR refusal?

3.I also wish to know if I get full time employment offer from a company in the Uk and whether my employee is eligible to apply for a work permit in uk [for someone whose ILR has got rejected and is overstaying in UK from date of rejection letter] and if I do get the work permit visa can I appeal against ILR refusal while on a work permit visa?

I am highly worried and would appreciate guidance from all of you nice people!