View Full Version : Income requirement in the affidavit of support

08-04-2010, 11:14 AM
have a question about meeting the income requirement for petitioning my wife
(125% poverty level for 2 person is $18k)

say, year 2009 ive only earned $10k (based on my latest tax returns) , and year 2010 i've only started working in july, earning only $400/week . assume i dont have that much assets to make up for the difference between my income and 125% poverty level for 2 persons


1) how would the immigration reviewer see this, are they gonna base their decision by
a) considering only on my latest tax return(2009) where i only earned 10k ?
b) pressuming i will be able to keep earning $400/week from july through december 2010 which will amount to aprroximately $9.6k of earnings for 2010 ?
c) assuming my annual salary is $20.8k ($400/wk times 52wks/yr) ?

i need some expertly advice pls, thank you ! :)