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I-751 No status update and no biometrics appointment update for over three months

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  • I-751 No status update and no biometrics appointment update for over three months

    Hello there,

    I filed I-751 on 06/2021 and received the 18 months extension notice on 06/25/2021. However, so far the status updates has not changed and it still shows (My Case Was Received) on USCIS website. It’s been about 97 days and I have not received a notice forthe biometrics appointment and no update on the status. I called USCIS and was told that they have not sent any notice forthe biometrics appointment. My receipt number starts with SRC. Does anyone have an insight to why I have not received the biometrics appointment, and what should I do?

    The time line so far:

    06/17/2021: filed completed I-751 with evidence
    06/25/2021: received the 18 months extension notice
    no new updates nor new notices since then.

    Thank you

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    I hope you filed petition with TX service center. For TX service center, Processing time for Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (I-751) is anywhere between 5 Months to 7.5 Months. During these period, it will be done biometrics. Therefore, you will need to wait for some more days to see further progress.
    All the best.


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      Thank you. Yes, I applied with Texas service center. I also submitted an e-request yesterday asking about the notice for my biometrics appointment because our mailbox was broken for two months, so we used to go to the post office to get our mail. I hope I didn’t miss anything critical.

      Thanks again


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        quick question - since you are waiting for a very long time since 06/2021 - what's the status of your driver's license - is it still valid - if so how did you do that


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          When I got the extension letter, I was able to go to the DMV with my conditional green card and the extension letter and got my driver’s license renewed for additional 18 months from the expiration date of my green card. My green card was still active, but even if it is expired, the DMV will accept the expired green card with the extension letter.


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            Where should we mail the I-751 form? I saw an address in Phoenix/AZ on USCIS website,is that address correct?