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When will President sign the S2045

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  • When will President sign the S2045

    When will President sign the S2045?
    Also heard that White house not happy with H1b extension after six years? IS this true
    Can president veto this particular line(h1b extension) from the bill before he signs it
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    Call the white house and ask him to sign it ASAP. No Joke.

    The President cannot veto a little section out of the bill. Constitutionally, he has no "line-item veto" power. It's either the whole deal or none at all.

    I seriously doubt he will veto the H-1b bill. If he does, he'll guarentee that Al Gore won't be elected President.


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      That's right.

      Here is the link for those who want to send an email to the president. It will be great if all those who read this message can drop a line to the president (and ask their friends to do that). Just make sure that the subject line reads something like "Pl. sign S.2045".


      Also, call the white house at the given number and give the message that you support S.2045 and would urge the president to sign the bill ASAP.

      White House phone: 202-456-1414
      (press 1 for comments, then 1 if you have touch tone phone, then 0 for the comment line operator and to skip the survey). Give the name and no. of the bill (S.2045 may not be clear for them so the name is "American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act of 2000" to be told to make sure.)

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