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Is Labor cert from one company usable by another

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  • Is Labor cert from one company usable by another

    Can I use Labor cert from Company A while filing I-140 through Company B?.

    I thought labor cert is portable?.

    Help appreciated.

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    Nope, Labor certificate is not portable. Only of the previous one you can use is PD.


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      NO! NO

      NO, you can NOT use the PD of LC with other Employer, If you have LC approved and I-140 cleared and that I-140 is NOT cancelled by employer Than ONLY YOU CAN USE PD, not just with LC.You can not use the PD of LC approved by company A to B.


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        But can the PD be useful in giving priority?

        Let's say that LC and 140 is approved from company A. Now if company B is processing H1 and LC, can the PD of previous LC be used in expediting the case? I am assuming that company A does not cancel or transfer the LC.

        I am trying to do something similar. But this time I would like to do RIR and EB2 to expedite. How much the PD is going to help?



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          NO, PD of previous LC does NOT help in expediting the case, it can only help your new Lawyer to draft the LC for you fast if it is for same job discription, INS is not going to be faster for your case if you had earlier LC or I0140 approved, they are going to process it like other cases.