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I-140 with LIN number from Vermont - Is it possibl

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  • I-140 with LIN number from Vermont - Is it possibl

    Hi All,
    I have had enough dealing with my attorney. He recently requested a correction to my I-140 from AOS to CP from the INS. Two weeks back he said that he has received the corrected I-140 from INS indicating CP. Upon requestion 3 times to send a copy to me, he finally said that he sent it to me but was returned back to him by FED-EX which I know is a big lie since my name and address was correct. Now he says that the I-140 approval notice has my name and company's name spelt wrong. I requested a faxed copy of this incorrect I-140 and he faxed the copy to me which had more thatn my name and company's name being incorrect. My category, notice date and receipt date were wrong. My priority date was blank. I also noticed that the I-140 was sent by Vermont. But my original case was approved by Nebraska and my case number starts with LIN. I am doubting the authenticity of the document he faxed to me.

    Is it possible to receive I-140 doc from Vermont with LIN number?
    How do I deal with this?

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    1. Your attorney do not have any reasons to create a **** document. so don't worry about it.

    2. Ask your attorney why is it now from vermont? It may be OK.

    3. EB catagory is big thing.. ask him why?

    4. PD blank, that is fine. (that is how most of the approval nortices are)