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Working on an expired visa

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  • Working on an expired visa

    I am just about to file my I-140. I must decide whether I will do Consular Processing or file a I-485 when the I-140 has been approved.

    My H1-B visa (already extended to the max) will expire in about 8 months or so.

    I have heard that if I choose the I-485 route I can continue to work in the US even once my visa has expired until I have my Green Card, but if I choose the faster Consular Processing route I must leave the country once my visa has expired until I have had my interview and been approved.

    Does anybody know if this is accurate or not? If I want to continue working in the US as long as possible, which route should I take?

    I would appreciate any guidance.


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    NOT legal advise:
    I-485 will let you stay legally in the US after 6 years mark. Definitely go with AOS. Good luck.