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Questions about H1B/GC/I-140

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  • Questions about H1B/GC/I-140


    I would greatly appreciate if you can provide suggestions/answers to my situation.

    I am currently on the 6th year of my H1B which will expire around the end of Jan 2012 and my current company started H1B extension process about 2-3 weeks ago. My current company is also sponsoring my green card. The labor cert process was already done and I already received my priority date which is May 2009.

    I have recently received a great job offer with another company located nearby my house but the new company does not want to sponsor green card right away. They said they have to wait a minimum of one year before considering it and if they choose to do so, I can keep my old priority date. They will only do H1B transfer and extension for me right away. I am trying to decide if I should accept this job offer and risking not having green card in a timely manner (or not having green card at all if they choose not to do it).

    Here are my questions:-

    1. Will I lose my priority date if the new company does not file for my green card right away?
    2. If the priority date becomes current before the new company applies for I-140 for me, will I lose my priority date?
    3. If the new company ends up not wanting to file a green card for me and my H1B extension is about to expire while I am working for them, can they re-extend my H1B without having filed a green card for me?
    4. If the new company ends up not wanting to file a green card for me and I have about 1 year left on my H1B and I have a job offer with company A, can company A transfer and extend my H1B? If company A can transfer my H1B, do they have to file for my green card right away in order to extend my H1B? And if so, can I still use my old priority date?
    5. Can multiple companies transfer my H1B at the same time?
    6. If my current company revoke my priority date/I-140 and have somebody else use it, can I still use my priority date?

    What do you suggest? Should I accept the job offer or should I stick with my current company? I know it largely depends on what I think is important but I would like to get inputs and ideas from others too.

    Thank you so much for your help.