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Approved I140 revoked filed company blacklisted

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  • Approved I140 revoked filed company blacklisted

    Hi ,
    Iam in critical position .
    Here are my details.
    Exhausted 6yrs of H1B.
    Filed Green card using Company A in EB2
    PD: June 2006,EB2 –Company A
    I140 approved in 2006
    I485 filed in 2007
    Recently I saw USCIS opened approved I140 in Aug 2011 till today it was in initial status.in that post office returned message is there. because company A is closed . Waiting for the update Case status online.
    In 2010 came to know my green card filed company A was blacklisted and they closed it.
    Before company A closed In 2010 I started worked using EAD and AC21 in company B
    In 2011 I started working using EAD and AC21 in company C.
    My current Company C when they inquired about approved I140, USCIS told them that I 140 revoked and they don’t know the exact reasons, they are guessing 100% AC21 will also be denied based on I140 fraud and the beneficiary paid money to the employer for the green card process.
    My current company C is not willing to file new green card process saying that it will also reject based on the previous history?.Can i personally start another green card process from other company say D. or my chances are gone? Please advice me.
    My current company C started processing to file Loose H1 B for me before they get AOS denial letter.
    If my AC21 denied and don’t have loose H1 B what will be the options for me to stay in the USA?
    Should i need to leave the country immediately, or can I file MTR for I140 or AC21 or any way can i stay legally.I have family with small kids here.
    with Loose H1B(saying valid for one yr if i go out of country and get stamped) can i go thru new Green card process again with other company?.

    Iam really in tense state,

    Please help me, appreciate your help in this matter.