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Immigrant visa - Biometrics, Consulate interview & rescheduling

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  • Immigrant visa - Biometrics, Consulate interview & rescheduling

    Interview scheduled for interview at the US Consulate, Mumbai. Petition has Primary Applicant (Spouse) with 2 dependents (son and daughter). Unfortunately my son cannot attend interview on the scheduled date. Questions we have is:
    1. In the NVC case, we said dependents will accompany. So if my son will miss on the date scheduled by NVC, will it still be okay to request rescheduling for him later when ready?
    2. If we are able to reschedule for my son alone, I hope my spouse and daughter will get the immigrant visa stamped first and their 180 days will start. Can they both enter the country first and my son can join later if there are delays with appointment for him?
    3. NVC has shared only one interview date. No separate Biometrics Appointment. Does this mean, for immigrant visa biometrics and consular interview will be done on the same day?

    Thank you so much in advance!
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    Hi, Any insight on rescheduling for just one dependent in the group? Thanks!