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Medical ok for a new green card holder

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  • Medical ok for a new green card holder

    My mom was doing her adjustment of status in the US and was on Kaiser CA medical insurance.
    She got her GC and went to India. Can I move her to the Medi-cal program?
    Would she face any issues if she enters the country and has Medi-cal?


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    No one can advise if she would run into issues re-entering the U.S. on Medi-Cal, however, Medi-Cal is a tax funded program she is not eligible for. That is why people who sponsor someone for a green card have to sign the affidavit of support stating they will be financially responsible for the green card holder making sure they will not be a burden on U.S. tax payors. Enrolling her into benefits she is not legally eligible for can affect her status in the future.


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      If she meets the income and asset requirements of Medi-Cal, she is eligible to enroll (and it's her decision to make, as she is an independent adult). Use of Medicaid or other health insurance programs is not considered use of public benefits under public charge determinations under current rules. You as the I-864 sponsor can be liable for reimbursement for the costs, though I am not aware of any sponsors actually being sued for it.