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France Tourist Schengen VISA - Funding of travel cost for dependents?

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  • France Tourist Schengen VISA - Funding of travel cost for dependents?

    Hi, need help!!, I live in UK with my family on work permit and I am planning to visit France with my family (spouse & kid). In online visa application form (FRANCE Tourist visa), Under "Funding of Travel cost" I see Four option to choose.
    2.By the person hosting me
    3.By the company, organisation or establishment hosting me
    4.By another guarantor
    As I am the Primary applicant, I understand that I need to choose "Myself" for all my expenses (Hotel &travel, etc..). But I am not sure what to select for my dependents(wife & kid)on their respective visa application, some people say I need to select "myself" for my dependents as well, and some say to select "By another guarantor" and mention the primary applicant name (my name).

    I don't see any concrete evidence while searching in google, hence posting it here. Please advise. Thanks!

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    Please call the French Consulate directly and ask for advice. If you cannot speak to anyone in their visa section, then call TLS London who manage the visa process. I am based in Bangkok and was able to get advice from a visa consulate official at the Italian consulate by phone so its worth a try. My experience of my Thai niece applying for an Italian visa in London with VFS may help. She is 18 and will travel to Italy with her mother who is also Thai and living in Bangkok. She is studying in London. We did what we do for Schengen in Bangkok. The form is different for Italy but we said she was being sponsored by her mother who will cover all the costs of the trip. This would be similar to the option 4 on your form: By Another Guarantor. We submitted a sponsor letter from the mother with copy of her passport, daughter's birth certificate, translation of birth cert and mother's bank statement. This is what we do for Schengen visas applications in Bangkok. However, on submitting her documents, VFS London told my niece she needs to submit 400 Euros of travellers cheques as the sponsor letter was insufficient to prove funds for the trip. The bank account has the equivalent of 250,000 Euros so it wasn't that the funds were insufficient. So I had to spend two hours trying to find somewhere in London that sells travellers cheques. Finally tracked a travel agency in Croydon called Kanoo Travel. Thank you Kanoo Travel! The Italian Consulate is living in the 1970s! So, if I was in your position and travelling to ITALY, I would submit a sponsor letter as above AND travellers cheques. But I am planning to call the Italian Consulate on Monday just to check they are actually living in the 1970s and to enlighten them about the near impossibility of travellers cheques.


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      Hello Vijaymshan,

      Is your child of legal age? If it is, you could put "myself" in all the applications and you would have no problem obtaining the Schengen type C visa for tourism.

      In case your child is of legal age, you have to choose option number 4 "by another guarantor" and then include yourself as that guarantor.

      In the case of your wife, there would be no problem putting “myself” since if they need additional information they can show the hotel reservation in your name and the return ticket to the United Kingdom.

      If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the nearest French consulate or the embassy or you can even call by phone. They will help you.

      Remember to process your as far in advance as possible. In this way, you will avoid possible delays or unforeseen events in the application.

      All the best,


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        Hi, I had a similar doubt during the process of asking the visa, but right now what I want to address is that making the inquiries to move to UK to work I came across this information about a new electronic authorization called ETIAS . The thing is that I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with that document when it comes out (I think is at the beginning of 2023) now that UK is out from the EU. Any clues? Thanks for the help.