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  • L-1A Visa Eligibility being a remote worker for a US company in India

    Hi there,

    I am looking to relocate to the US from India with an L-1A visa being a Manager in my current company. Though I have been working for more than 2 years in India, the agreement reads I am an individual consultant and the company doesn't have any offices in India. But I am working...
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  • eti_rastogi
    started a topic Transfer from H1 to L1

    Transfer from H1 to L1

    I traveled to the US on L1 Visa from Company A. Then, my H1-b got picked and I transferred to H1B. Now, I have completed almost 6 years on my H1B and had to travel back to India because my PERM is still pending. My question is will I be eligible for an L1 visa from Company B? Note: my PERM is also filed...
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  • rohith_92
    started a topic Conflict of applications

    Conflict of applications

    Hello Everyone,

    I am checking a query on behalf of my friend.

    I have my H1 b lottery picked up in the current year draw. I have 3 difference consultancies who filed my H1b & all 3 got picked up. While, My current employer wants to file a L1 & application paper work...
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  • ryanvik
    started a topic I94 and Payroll Transfer

    I94 and Payroll Transfer

    Is it possible to activate your L1A/I-94 work authorization but not move to US Payroll for a couple of months? I am a Canadian citizen, so I wanted to go first and activate my L1A/I-94 at the boarder and then stay in US for 2-3 weeks to find housing for the family and return back to Canada, and then...
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  • Triploku
    started a topic L1 to H4 visa

    L1 to H4 visa


    i am currently in USA on L1 since 2018 and now looking for H4 transfer.

    Would like to know the duration of H4 visa - Is it going to be fresh 3+3 years or 6 years considering 2018....
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  • bcs05
    started a topic Green card under EB1-C for L1-A

    Green card under EB1-C for L1-A

    I am currently residing in US on H1B with a priority date of 2016. With green card in no sight for the next few years, I am planning to go to India and stay there for an year and come back on L1-A category so that the employer can file green card on EB1-C category. I have a questions regarding thi...
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  • L1A - Change of employer to affiliated company


    I am on an L1A visa (individual petition). Visa is valid till June 2027 and PED is March 2025.
    I am currently in the US and my employer is planning to transfer me to an affiliated company within the US. The new employer will file a new L1A individual petition to complete this...
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  • vinomm
    started a topic H1B to L1A conversion

    H1B to L1A conversion

    Can anyone give your suggestion on the below queries
    I have H1B visa approval (May'22) but still not entered into US, now I am eligible in company to apply for L1A. If the company process L1A incase rejected during interview what will be status of my H1B?
    ​Is there any time gap be provided...
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  • Using pre-existing B1, while L1A Indiv. petition is ongoing

    Hello good Samaritans!

    I have an L1A individual petition filed with USCIS. Meanwhile I am considering a business travel to the US, with my pre-existing B1 visa, in January-23. This trip would be strictly 1 week long, just to meet some clients (I work in the Business Development function)....
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  • ankitjain141
    started a topic Success Rate of L1A and L1B

    Success Rate of L1A and L1B

    What are the chances of L1A and L1B getting approved? Which is easier to get comparatively? I am a first-line manager with a team reporting to me. Does it matter whether I am a first-line manager or Senior manager?
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  • Random7488
    started a topic Pregnant while on L1A visa

    Pregnant while on L1A visa

    Hi, I recently got my L1A visa stamped. I also just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant. I am expected to travel to US in the beginning of Jan’s. My husband will be traveling with me on L2. Can I be on maternity leave while on L1A visa? Is it paid maternity leaves in the US and how long typically?...
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  • L1A visa interview waiver for previous L1B individual holder

    Hi all,

    I was having L1B individual visa approved in 2018 till year 2021. I travelled to US in 2018 and returned in 2020. Now I am applying for L1A individual visa from same company
    • Am I eligible for interview waiver program and use dropbox option?
    • What is the timeframe involved in
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  • Looking for advice - Applying for AOS - I-140 Approved (EB1-C)

    Hi All,
    I'm looking for suggestions/advice on whether to apply for AP and EAD while applying for AOS.
    I'm on L1A visa status with a max-out date in July 2023. My employer applied for I-140 in December 2021 in the EB1-C category and received approval in June 2022 (We didn't opt for concurrent...
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  • Omitted arrest in previous visa applications

    I hold an Indian passport and was involved in a road accident in India, for which I was arrested, presented in court and subsequently acquitted. Arrests in India are quite different from the US - it is quite procedural; there was no reading of rights or detention, and court proceedings were in a local...
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  • L1A blanket visa appointment reschedule

    I have an appointment for L1A blanket visa scheduled for November 2022 at Chennai. I am trying to reschedule to an early date. When I click "Reschedule Appointment" I see page for OFC appointment where I see lot of appointment dates available. If I choose a date, it shows me slots. when I...
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