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  • B1/B2 Visa: Approved, Interviewed on: 4th Jan: 2019

    Tips: Be confident, Answer correctly and accurately, carry an invitation letter with a mentioned agenda

    Interviewer: Good Morning Maam, May I have your passport please?
    Me: Good Morning sir, here it is (Handing over my passport)

    Interviewer: Maam, what is the purpose...
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  • dami
    started a topic Visa application help.

    Visa application help.


    I was filling in my visa application form but I cannot get pass the travel
    information section, They need me to write down a adress where I am
    in the US while visiting but I havent booked anything yet since i wish to
    know if I´ll be approved on...
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  • Answer for question where will you be working in USA?

    I am preparing answer for my L1B visa interview questions. Somebody suggested me that my answer should be full US address including zip code for below question.

    "where will you be working in USA?"

    I was thinking that only Mountain View, California should be enough...
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  • tds31
    started a topic F1 visa interview query

    F1 visa interview query


    I am going to join PhD program in spring 2016 (full funding). I want to take my minor daugther (who is an US citizen) along with me.[We lived in USA for few years before moving back to our home country.] My husband will stay back in home country as he has a job here. Will this be a...
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  • I have transferred my H1 B from one company to another - need help

    I have transferred my H1 B filing from one company to another before VISA stamping. The reason behind transferring was, I didn't get client documents (Project details) from my consultant. I changed consultant and project (company) but used the same filing.
    I have visa date coming up in 10 days....
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  • jimmy111
    started a topic need urgent advise

    need urgent advise

    hi my name on passport dosent matches the name with my all official documents(certificates and all) (there is extra suffix "kumar" is written on passport ) but matches with birth certificate and i want to do h1b petition on this april 2013 quota.

    will this change create problem...
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  • visafriend
    started a topic B1 Visa Granted

    B1 Visa Granted

    Interview at Mumbai Consulate (BKC) at 7:45 am. Reached there at 7:20 am and was out by 9:15 am.

    Questions asked:

    Q. Why are you going?
    A. I am going to attend Book Expo America in New York.

    Q. How long will you stay?
    A. Around a week
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