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    Default What is "CWOP" on the passport stamped mean?

    Hello Member, My Mother in law has an appointment for Visitor's Visa but earlier she was refused in 2004, they stamped at the back of the passport(date it was submitted) and also wrote CWOP on her previously issued (used) USA b2 visa, she had already travelled on that in Year 2000!
    So, is that a problem sign for the next appointment ? What exactly does that mean?


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    It means cancelation does not affect future applications and issuance of visas.

    By the way , why was she not issued another visa when she had already traveled on a previous visa before?

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    Default Reply for Member Buddha

    Well, She applied again thru an agent and they stamped her passport saying that she needs to appear in person...but the agent gave her the wrong info saying that it was refused!
    The second time she applied again for a business visa (self sponsor) in 2004, the VO talked to her in English...and asked her the first time she visited US, did she work there...She did not know what to answer So she said YES! so she was refused.
    She took another appointment one month after & requested for a Hindi Interpreter and tried to explain her situation that she misunderstood the Question last time...but they refused her again.
    Now I am sponsoring her after more than a year on Visitor's visa....what do you think do we have a chance for her to get the visa this time?


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    with all the previous denials, one really cannot say.
    Can she still apply for a business purpose and self sponsor?
    It may work if she gets a good business contract in US showing that the visit is really important for her business.
    Request visit for a couple of weeks only.

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