Can someone please answer the following questions mentioned on forms G-325 and I-485.

I am on H1B primary applicant and my husband is also on H1b secondary applicant.

Form G-325

1. Applicant’s Last Address outside the U.S of more than one year.I have been living in the U.S for past 5 years. Do I need to enter my India address where I have lived prior to coming to U.S

2. If your native alphabet is in other Roman Letters, write your name in your native alphabet . What exactly is this.

3. Alien Registration Number

Form I-485

1. A# (if any)
2. Part 2 – Application Type - ???
3. Were you inspected by a U.S Immigration officer?
4. B. List your present husband/wife , all of your sons and daughters. What do I enter for A#