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    Default F2B - Petition for Unmarried Children

    My mother (petitioner) received a green card in 1993. She filed family based immigrant petition category "F2B - Unmarried sons and Daughters Of permanent resident" for me (beneficiary) in 1993. She is not USA citizen yet. At the time of filing above petition , I was unmarried. After that (1995), I got married and today I am having two chalderns. I am in USA on H1B visa.

    Recently the priority date became current and we received a mail from National Visa Center stating that "Your case has been sent to the post in MUMBAI - INDIA " We also have received "Packet 3" containing form OF-169, OF-230, I-864 , letter DSL-1083 etc.,

    My question is :

    Can I take the benefit of this petition (F2B) even though I am married now ?.
    If yes then what processing steps are involved ?.
    If no then what should we replay to NVC or MUMBAI ?

    Your any type of replay is much appreciated.

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    Tsue123 Guest


    Definitely. Same situation came up in my family where my aunts were unmarried when filed for them and married with children when the petition became current. They all got greencards. Just fill up OF 169 and 230 to reflect that.
    No problems. Good Luck.

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    Default immihelp : Please help

    Can you please give me your opinion as I have been getting mixed replays so far.

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    Raj22US Guest


    My mother (petitioner) received a green card in 1992. She filed family based immigrant petition category "F2B - Unmarried sons and Daughters Of permanent resident" for me (beneficiary) in 1992. I got married in 1999 and in 2000 my F2B approval came, I submitted all the documents along with my marriage certificate, but my mom received a letter saying that the status is changed.

    Currently I am in US on H1b visa with my wife, daughter and my parents are here with me.

    My question is :

    Can I take the benefit of this petition (F2B) even though I am married and in US ?

    If yes then what processing steps are involved and how long will it take?.

    Will Citizenship of my father will help ?

    Is it better than employer sponsership ?

    Your any suggestions / help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...


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    MSP2002 Guest


    A new petition will have to be filed by either of your USCitizen parent upon getting their USC. This will have to be under F3 for married children of USC.

    Yours is a classic case of why one needs to know the law that is relevant to your situation. By the way, the petitioner cannot be changed on the petition. For example, even if you were unmarried and your dad became a citizen, he could not have upgraded the petition filed by your mom as a permanent resident.

    The above answer applies to every one in this thread.

    PS I am not an attorney

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    MSP2002 Guest


    I will be willing to bet that your aunts were applied for under F4 category.

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    usavisaseeker Guest

    Default F-2B

    Mr.Haresh, Currently I am going thru same problem, Will you be kind enough to help me out as you have also pass on from same thing. Please can you mail me at shahworld@sulekha.com or shahworld@yahoo.com. I am sure that your information will be great help to me.I am from Mumbai - India.

    Looking for positive response from your side.

    Thanking you.

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    Procurador Guest

    Default to haresh

    i regret to inform you that your petition has died the day you got married. you should have waited until your mom became a USC to get married. i am not sure if you are aware that a LPR only can petition unmarried son and daughter. sorry.

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    PADERAKA Guest

    Default F2B Topic : Does F2B really takes 7 to 8 years to wait?


    My situation: petitioned for F2B by parents
    : Unmarried
    Petition date: May 97

    I have been checking the visa bulletin every month. However, after discovering this group/site, I read some of the user's experiences that their F2B petition only took around 7 or 8 yrs. Mine is on it's 6th yr now. The visa bulletin for F2B is currently May 95 (did'nt move since Oct. 2003). With the rate it's moving now, I think it's impossible to be at the same rate like what other experienced.

    So, my question is, does immigration really follow what is on the internet visa bulletin? Or is it normally F2B petition takes 7 to 8 yrs?


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    Default need help...

    im under petitioned by my mom who is already an american citizen in the US. my petition was requested last 1994, maybe under f2b benificiary. until now i dnt have any feedback regarding my petition. can anyone tell me if theres something wrong with my files? for how long the waiting will be? Im so worried about my petition request. Im stil single, 29 male from the Philippines. hope anyone can reply...thank you...

    Last edited by dark23_knight; 05-11-2005 at 09:14 AM.

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