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    Default US visa for Australian permanent residency

    Hi All,

    I have Australian permanent residency. I wann go US for 10 days visit. But I am not sure about Visa category.I have to apply for B1 or different category?

    Could you please let me know about which document I need for visa.

    I will be grateful if you can help me.


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    Aug 2006


    You need a B1/B2 visa.

    For more advice please post;

    *How long have you been living in australia as a PR?
    * What is the purpose of your visit to US?
    *Is some one spnsoring you from US?
    *Do you have any family ties in australia?
    *What is your work and what is roughly your salary in australia?

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    Default US visa for Australian permanent residency

    I am in Australia since last four year. but I was student around three years.I have done Master of information system. I got my PR in NOV 2007.
    My elder brother and sister in US and my brother sponsoring me.
    I am alone here. I am working in Bank as technical support around last 6 months.
    I am on contract which is end on 31st of July .but it is going to extend up to Dec 2008 but I have three week off between 25th july to 16th aug.my income is around 36000 roughly

    I appreciate your reply


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    Aug 2006


    *Lack of family in australia,
    *not very good income,
    *recently got PR
    * brother and sis in US and
    *casual purpose of visit

    may let the officer think you wish to settle in US like you settled in australia.
    Please do not mind but chances are slim.

    If you still want to try;

    *You should NOT get sponsorship from bro and sis.
    Show you are spending your own money.
    * Get 3-4 friends and buy a refundable tour package. Do not show you are going to meet bro and sis.If asked, say you will meet bro and sis if
    you get time out of itinerary.
    *Get a leave cum employment letter from your employer.

    Chances are still not great but you could get lucky with a lenient officer.

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    Default Australian Permanent Resident visiting US

    Hi Peace,
    I'm also an Australian Permanent Resident who plans to travel to the US and Canada for 21 days (holiday only) with my husband.
    He is an Australian citizen, whom I believe will qualify for the VWV.

    My questions are:
    - Do I still need B2 visa?
    - If so, do I have to be interviewed in person? (Where we live, there's no US consulate)
    - My passport is not a machine readable one, will this be a problem?

    Your help will be much appreciate!

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    Aug 2006

    Default alexgeorge

    *Yes, your husband will qualify for a VW but you will need a visa.

    *Yes, you will need to appear in person to a consulate that serves your area.

    *Please visit the website of US consulate in the city closest to where you live.

    *If you have a visa you do not need a machine readable passport because the visa is machine readable. Your jusband will need a machine readable passport because he won't carry a visa.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks heaps for your response! I'll have a look at the link you provided. have a good day!

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    Default query

    i am an australian permanent resident from last 5 months want to know that i want to go us for one month only should i need visa for the same i have got my sister in USA as green card holder i have been to USA for 6 months in the year 2005 whats the process from australia.thanks

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    Default do i need to apply for a visa?


    can someone help me please?

    do i need to get a visa to visit for 40 days to US?
    purpose: to visit my boyfriend

    i am a permanent residence of Australia (for 1 year)
    I work in a telecommunication company for 2 years 2 mths (permanent position)
    and my income around 48k (before tax)
    recently i been promoted to a senior consultant

    Please advise?

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