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    Default Name Correction on Passport\Visa


    I am in H1b status in US.

    My name in all documents till my Degree is like Thakur Ram Prakash

    (actually my given name is Ram Prakash and surname is Thakur , BUT we keep use our surname as First name so the name comes as Thakur Ram Prakash in all my educational docs.)

    But while applying for passport I should've mentioned as
    Given Name -> Thakur Ram And
    Surname-> Prakash to make the fist second and last name in sequence as--> Thakur Ram Prakash

    Due to above mistake by passport has name: Ranjan Prakash Thakur
    (given name: Ram Prakash & Surname: Thakur)

    Hope I made my issue with name sequence clear above:

    Now In US,
    My passport\visa\SSN\US driving license\US bank account everywhere my passport name is followed.
    which is Ram Prakash Thakur.

    But in India
    My all educational certificates and other Docs have name 'Thakur Ram Prakash'.

    My passport is expiring in june 2015 and my visa in april 2012.I've got the H1B extension approval recently till march 2015.

    Please advise; how should I approach to correct this name sequence issue.

    The reason for my concern is ..when I'll return to India , then my US credentials will have different name than my Indian credentials..I am not sure what all issues can come up due to this..

    Please let me know if more information is required.

    Thanks for your help.
    Last edited by greyhawk; 04-13-2012 at 04:35 PM.

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    Default change of name on passport

    i want to change my name on my passport ,my actual name is vinay kumar k s . But I have missed quoting my surname in the appln and nw in my passport initials are missing pls tell me what to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rksingh4 View Post
    HI Amyderam .. looks like its long you have posted teh question .. how did you resolve your situation as i am currently in the same situation
    Did you get the license yet? I am in the same situation too.

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    Default Change of Name in Passport, I have valid H1 Visa for U.S.A

    Hi All,

    I have valid H1 Visa, but I have not travelled to U.S, will be travelling in couple of months.

    I need to change my Sur Name in my Passport, because in the Sur Name I have mentioned my Father Name along with my GrandFather Name, now I need to remove my GrandFather name because none of my documents have my GrandFather name. I have only my father name as Sur Name in all my documents.

    Now If I change my Sur Name, I will be issued with new Passport and the old passport will be cancled which will have my Valid H1 Visa. Can you please tell me if I need to go for restamping of Visa if I change my Sur Name , since I have valid visa or is there any other process which I need to follow.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Last edited by softsathishr; 02-11-2013 at 11:42 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeshvsagar View Post

    I've got my US visa stamped, i would like to change my surname in my passport & visa. Is it possible?

    Have you received a response on this query??

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    I m here with a US visa as well....They made a mistake in my visa last year and they said that the only way i can change something is to reapply for a new visa....since it was their mistake, i got my visa right away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by batool100 View Post
    I m here with a US visa as well....They made a mistake in my visa last year and they said that the only way i can change something is to reapply for a new visa....since it was their mistake, i got my visa right away...
    i am in the same situation

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    Default Name correction in Passport, <180 days are there to extend my visa


    I want to correct my Given Name in passport.
    Currently it is having my FATHER's NAME MYNAME
    I want to remove my Fathers Name from my Given name, as it is causing a mistake everywhere, as it is getting printed everywhere.The time to extend my visa is less than 5 months.

    Can I proceed now for the name change ?
    I have to post an Ad in Indian and US newspapers, and I have to wait for 30 days...and then affidavit...and then I need to send my passport to Consulate.

    Can I have my visa extension process to get initiated during this time ?


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    Default Name Change In Passport

    I recently got married and my wife holds a US visa and her passport is expiring in 6 months.
    Is it a advisable that she renews her passport with her maiden name, and updates my name as a spouse in the passport.

    Please advise under the backdrop that we would be applying for Canadian PR.

    Tushar M

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    Default change of name on visa

    I want to change name in visa as Hamidullah instead of Hameedullah.

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