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    Default applying for F1 visa while on OPT


    I graduated with BBA in Finance. Then I applied for Master's program and while I was waiting for the scholarship answer, I applied for OPT and started working. I got job at Marketing company. Now, I got the scholarship and I got new I20 for my Masters, basically I am accepted. I want to go back to my country before the school starts (in June 2009). I have to go to the Embassy to apply for the new F1 visa. I was wondering if there is any chance that I will have problems regarding my visa because of using OPT. I know that while on OPT, the job should be related to major field of study. Although I studied Finance, Marketing is still the part of Business Administration, right?

    If any of you had experienced same issues, please help me! is there any chance that the Embassy won't give me the visa, because I used my OPT, and they may have thoughts that I want to stay in US and work?... I am totally confused!

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    Don't open threads in every forum.

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    im having a similar situation. what happened with you? plz share if u can. thank you

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