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    Default I-131 Travel Document Timeframe

    Hey All,

    I know that the sites say it is like 3 months for the Travel Document when filed with the I-485 after you and your fiance was married, but I was wondering if anyone could actually share their timeframes??

    Also, what happens, do you just get something in the mail saying you got it?? Or do you have to go somewhere so they can put something in the passport??

    My wife is dieing to return home for a family wedding, and it is coming up soon!!


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    Default i-131

    Hey bro am in the same boat? We filed the aos with the travel document on feb 3, 2010 my wife just had her finger print appointnment on apirl 1,2010. I had to call customer service because, it was past 30 days since they recieved the i-131. You don't have to take your wife passport to get any special stamp the uscis service center will send your wife a notice with her photo on it granting her to leave the usa and return. Best of luck!please keep me updated.

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    We filed Feb 22, and had our Fingerprints on March 10th (although the fingerprints weren't actually for the I-131)!! I was hoping that because that was so fast, then maybe we would have gotten it by now. But, nope. I will let you know when I receive it.


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