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Thread: I-90 filing

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    Default I-90 filing

    Dear friends!

    part 1 in I-90 has item 13 "date of admission". Is it the date, when I got Parolee at the US Embassy in my country, or the date of my first arriving to US?


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    Date of admission as the permanent resident.
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    It's stated on my current green card: "Category LA6" and "Resident since: 01/01/02"

    Instruction for I-90 says:

    12. Class of admission-THREE LETTER CODE for the immigrant category under which you were granted permanent resident status. This code can be found ON YOUR CARD, and it is tipically one or two letters, followed by a number

    13. Date of admission-The date on which you were GRANTED permanent resident status.

    so, can I assume that my class of admission is LA6 and date of admission is 01/01/02 ?

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    The answer is yes!!))

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