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    Default Your passport is under process at U.S Embassy/Consulate


    I appeared for my H1 interview at US Consulate, Chennai on 3rd Nov 2011. VO approved the visa ( no slips are issued) and said that the passport will be sent to me.

    But it's almost 1 week now and I haven't received my passport yet. When I track the passport on VFS site, it shows the following message:
    "Your passport is under process at U.s Embassy/Consulate"

    Is there anyone i can contact regarding the status of my passport or should i just wait till i receive it.
    Please help me if anyone has anything to share regarding this.


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    It can up to 10 days to get the passport. If it takes more time, then there are possibilities that the case might have gone into admin process. Wait for 1 more week and contact the consulate or the VFS helpdesk.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.

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    Default rakesharm

    I sail in the same boat ... my dad had applied for tourist visa on oct 31st and hasnt got his passport yet so I contacted the consulate and they told me that they are having some printing issues and thats the reason for the delay.

    keep us posted on if you got ur passport

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    My wife attended H4 visa interview at Hyderabad Consulate on 31-OCT-2011. The VO informed her visa was approved but still we did not receive the passport yet.Send an email to Hyderabad Consulate and waiting for a reply.

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    My dad is still waiting for his passport, its been more than 10 days.. has anybody have any information on why is this delay.

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    @rakesharm, did you receive your passport with stamping?

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    rakesharm, which consulate did your dad attended for interview? I am still waiting for my wife's passport.

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    Went for work visa on Nov 1 at HYD. Still awaiting arrival of passport. Please update if any progress is seen.

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    Any one got their passports in the above cases ? or any updates from any one please ?

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    Got my passport today after attending consulate on Nov 1st.

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