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    Default Visitors insurance - please help

    I need some help regarding the insurance for my visiting parents

    Both my parents and 70+ from India. One of them has heart valve repair/replacement and taking daily medications for that. Also has common cold.
    Other one has gatro issues and taking medications. I read multiple articles about pre-exisitng conditions

    Can you let me know which insurance would be suitable for them. They are planning to stay here for 3 months (exactly 92 days) in USA

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    There are two different types of insurance:

    Fixed: Cheaper, limited coverage
    Comprehensive: More price, better coverage


    Please let us know which kind of insurance you would prefer. We can also help you decide if you call us.

    Once you decide the insurance type, the next step would be to decide the policy maximum: $50k or $100k.

    None of them would cover pre-existing conditions.

    You can look at various plans at https://www.insubuy.com

    For further questions, please call us or post them here.
    Thanks & Regards

    Toll Free: (866) INSU-BUY
    Local: (972) 985-4400
    Fax: (972) 767-4470
    Website: http://www.insubuy.com

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