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    Default Is IT return compulsory on H1B Stamping interview


    For the last couple of years I was not eligible to pay Income Tax in India, but I have a visa interview in coming week, can please any one suggest me is it necessary to have Income Tax Return going forward to VISA stamping in US consulate in chennai.


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    Dec 2011


    NO. It is not required.
    H1b is based on your educational qualification and an approved work petition by a US employer.
    There is no requirement of any work experience or proof of income in India.

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    Thanks @ peace999, but the check list for attending the VISA stamping interview demands for the last couple of years IT return. Will you please elucidate on this.

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    Oct 2008


    That is for a person who has been working in the US, to prove that he/she got paid (US tax returns). Foreign tax returns are not needed for someone who never worked in the US.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.

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