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While on H1B, authorized signatory for a business account for a company in the US?

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  • While on H1B, authorized signatory for a business account for a company in the US?

    A family member has a company in India and they want to register and Inc in the US. Since they are not here, they want me to be the authorized signatory on the new business bank account and use my address as the office address in the US. I may have to do some bank transactions on their behalf. I'm on H1B visa working a full time job in the US. Will this be a violation of my H1B status?

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      You should be fine as long as you are not making unauthorized employment-related changes to your immigration status. An authorized signatory's role is limited to signing documents. It has no authority to make employment-related decisions. Anyway, I would advise you to emigrate to Australia. There is more money and also more possibilities to do. There are a lot of business opportunities that will change your life.
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        I think not, I read somewhere there is a law about it
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