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Issues facing while adding dependent in New US Visa Portal

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  • Issues facing while adding dependent in New US Visa Portal


    I'm trying to book the slots for my wife and two kids. I have filled DS-160 for my wife and two kids (each 5 months old). I have created profile for my wife in new portal. While adding kids as dependents, successfully added one dependent with name Vadlamani Sri Rutika

    While adding another dependent with name Vadlamani Sri Rushika some mistakes I did and I tried to remove and re-add again. But the I am facing the issue that saying the record already exists. I tried to add the same dependent with a different emailId but then also it is not allowing me to add the dependent.

    I have raised a support request for the same in the new website but I didn't got any response. It's been already two weeks that I am facing the issue and unable to proceed further. I am attaching the passport copies of the primary applicant that is my wife and the dependent for which I am facing the issue.

    If anyone in this forum knows anything about the issues in the new portal, please help me‚Äč
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    Hi Santosh,

    Am facing the exact same issue.
    I spoke to call centre people many times but no help.

    Were you able to resolve this issue in anyway?
    If yes, please help with the process.

    Manu A R


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      Hi, Is this issue resolved? Even I am facing the same issue from few weeks.

      Thanks in Advance.


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        Anyone able to resolve this issue. I am also facing same and there is no response from customer care yet


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          I am facing the same issue. I was on a long call with customer support yesterday but they are unable to resolve. All they keep telling me is that concerned department will work on this issue in 24 to 48 hours. He also told me that there is no guarantee for resolution as well. This is very frustrating. The CGI team does not understand the severity and time sensitiveness of the issues

          can someone post if they were able to get resolution on adding dependents after accidentally deleting?


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            was anyone able to get this issue resolved? can you please share the details on how you were able to get this issue resolved?


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              I got trapped in exactly the same situation, so here I'm sharing the solution I found. Technically, it is a workaround, so I'm just telling that it worked for me, but I give no guarantee that this will work for you; so if you follow it, you do it at your own risk.

              You re-create your dependent, one more time, but use a different (previously unused) email address, and specify a false country of birth for your dependent. This will allow you to proceed to the next step. Then, just before you pay for your passports delivery, you click on the "Update" button. Then you have an access to your dependent's info, and now you can change your dependent's country of birth to the true one.

              I hope this helps.


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                When contacting the support team, provide them with all the relevant details, including the names of the dependents, any error messages you encountered, and any steps you have already taken to try and resolve the issue. Attaching the passport copies as you mentioned could also be helpful in verifying your identity and the dependents' information. Discover the wide variety of towers available in bloons tower defense in this trailer.
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