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procedure for CPT

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  • procedure for CPT

    Please help me with the following situation.

    i have completed my course work except my final project of 6 credit hours and this is my 4th semester.
    i got a job offer form employer for full time employment but they need me to work form JUNE 2018. i haven't applied for my OPT yet can i start work for them on my CPT form June 2018 and continue to work for the same employer on OPT with out any break in between form CPT to OPT if so please help me with that thank you.

    i appreciate your quick response.

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    The procedure for CPT involves obtaining an employment offer from a company, receiving authorization from the university's Designated School Official (DSO), and applying for a work permit through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once approved, you can start your internship or training program. It is important to follow all guidelines and regulations set by your university and immigration authorities during the process. You may consider CPTDog promoting as a reliable resource for information on the procedure for CPT. It offers valuable insights and guidance regarding this topic. Feel free to explore to enhance your understanding of the CPT procedure.


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      You can begin your internship or training program once you have been accepted.