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British Citizenship as a Dual Irish/American Citizen

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  • British Citizenship as a Dual Irish/American Citizen

    I'm a dual Irish-American citizen applying for British citizenship. I am aware that as an Irish citizen, it's not particularly necessary due to rights being generally shared between the two countries, but as I intend to live in the UK for the rest of my life, I would appreciate the peace of mind in having BC.

    So my questions:

    1) When I visit the US, I habitually enter the US on my US passport and return to the UK on my Irish passport. I am worried that the Home Office will not be able to establish my trips outside of the UK easily, particularly given that I was issued a new US passport two years ago. Is it necessary to mention this on my AN application and supply my old US passport number?

    2) I had applied for and was approved for pre-settled status before I realized I didn't really need it. I have not converted it to settled status though I now qualify. I am assuming that the fact that I'm an Irish citizen trumps EUSS, so I don't need to worry about SS or the timelines that entails? Do I need to mention this on my application?

    3) As the AN guidance mentions repeatedly that Irish citizens are not subject to settlement-related timelines, I've taken that to mean I can apply for citizenship as long as I've lived in the UK five years and not been outside the UK over the limitations. Is that correct?

    4) Is submitting my Irish passport enough to show I'm free from both citizenship and language requirements?