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Fiancee moving to UK

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  • Fiancee moving to UK

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

    I'm here today asking to see if anyone has been through or is in the same situation as me.

    I live in the UK, and have from birth.

    My Girlfriend of 6 months lives in Germany.

    And I'm going over there next month to propose to her

    (all this is only relevant if she says yes 🤞😄)

    Now, I've thrown a hint here a there about moving to the UK, and she seems up to it, which is good. But I dont think she could come over with a work visa.

    So I've seen the next option was a family visa I think it was?

    So from what I've read, if I'm correct, please do correct me if I'm wrong....

    If she says yes, I then go back to the UK, and apply for a fiancee visa? That lasts 6 months... we then have to get married within those 6 months... she would then have to go back to Germany after those 6 months, then I can apply for a family visa for her to then move to the UK permanently. Am I correct there?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    I think it's more like, you apply for her to come here via the fiancé route, you then have 6 months to get married, after which you just apply to change her status from fiancé visa to spouse and that's it. But man, you wanna be pretty sure she's up for marriage first via some hint-dropping! (speaking as someone who's done this process once before and is about to do it again).


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      Hoping for the sweet YES! And with all the proof that you're engaged, you can apply that visa for her. Better yet have a simple ceremony to get married within 6 months so you can apply for spouse visa.