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    Arrived 50 minutes prior to appointment at 1:30 on the 2nd floor 711 stewart avnue
    Submitted letter at the counter directed by the security gaurd.
    Waited for 1hour. An officer called my name .
    Raised hand to tell the truth but the truth, went through N400 application form. He then requested a GC and passport. Asked me questions about my trips out side the us , i answred him that i enter US in March 2004 and since that day up to april 2006 i didnt traveled out USA . but after 2006 i stsrt visiting my family in sudan every year , again he asked about how long was my longest trips my answer was 3 months , also i asured him that ididnt stayed out USA more than 6 month .
    then he asked me about the tax i told him that i can pring it , the issue is truly i filed 2004 tax but for some reason i passed 2005 tax to my X spouse to file it ,and after 2005 i was employmentand again i was thinking that my X was fuling the tax today i asked my X and he said that he never file tax since 2004 which is shock me , now i should do a re interview again with the same officer in 8 of march 2010 and i should submite 2 photos , tax doc from2004,05,06,07,08 , pluss prove for my trips out side sudan i know now that my application will be denyed couse i didnt meet the moralcharractor .

    i dont know what to do to fix this it is getting complicated .


    He indicated that even thought , he will have to submit my application for further background checks and .

    Have you guys ever heard of this situation??

    Here is the timeline of our N-400 applicatio process

    18/9/2009-Day1-Sent Application via USPS mail -
    1/10/2009-Fingerprint Appointment