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Applying for H1B with 'lecturer in college' experience

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  • Applying for H1B with 'lecturer in college' experience

    My spouse is on H4 currently and I have found an employer who is considering filing H1 for her(still in discussions)
    After pursuing her educational degrees(MCA - masters in computer application, and MSc. in Computer Science), she has worked in a college as lecturer(and knows JAVA/PHP/Databases etc) and also done development work.
    Her experience certificate from the college mentions her post as "Lecturer(Computer Department)"

    Recently, she has worked as volunteer programmer in US and also has certificate of completing programming course from local college

    I wanted to know if its ok to file for her H1B with 'lecturer' work experience(all the subjects she taught are computer science related)
    She knows programming, testing and related things in software industry

    Please help me by mentioning if there is any other thing I can do to improve chances of approval (certifications etc?)

    PS: I talked to the college to add developer in the title with lecturer but seems like they don't change the standard letter format