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  • B1 to h1 Stamped

    I thought I will share my experience on B1 to H1 visa stamping

    I had travelled to US on B1 a few years back in the month of march and after an extension converted to H1 on Oct 1. (Change of status)
    I went for my first stamping recently and got approved with the visa.

    Although as suggested by people before, I wouldn't suggest this as the right approach. For unavoidable situations like mine, my inputs might help during your stamping.

    To give a outline of my case, I' ve been working for the same company (petitioner) at their own office since the time I started on h1.

    This is how the interview unfolded

    Officer: Where are you travellng to? Where do you work? Do you work at the petitioner's office? I797? recent W2 ? What do you do? (Sequence)
    Me: Answer. Answer. Yes. ..... (regular stuff)

    Then the officer was looking in the screen for about 5 mins...and was about to give my docs back and take passport in her bin (Sign of approval) when she noticed the B1 to h1 and asked me you travelled on B1?..what happened?
    Me: I gave my side of the story which was honest ..probably mundane. (Project delays/ project needed me to continue working and end client decided to hire me and the only option they had was by hiring me...)

    Officer: Wait for sometime, one of my colleagues will call you

    After 10 mins i was called to another window.
    Another officer (looking more friendly) : When did you finish your college ? (yup...it was a quite a ride from there)

    Line of questionsetails of my first job to my current one. What I do here. ..in detail. Some basic questions on the kind of projects I do
    then the questions moved to the year of my H1... the officer went thru every i797 i got, my visa extensions and I laid it out to him and explained him the timeline of what happened during each I797 ( B1 extension, Initial H1 by US client, Change of status from consular, H1 transfer to end client, H1 extension). What turned out to be so important that I couldn't travel back for stamping ...then the discussion moved to my W2 for the last few years. Some questions on that and papers relating to H1. Original degree certificate. (showed it). Gave my I140 copy at some point.

    My answers I guess was clear and to the point. Some of the answers were on personal lines than professional reasons. But the officer appeared friendly and was looking to be sincere in hearing my case. He had good follow up questions on some of my answers and appeared to be following the chain of events keenly.

    He asked me to sit for a while. I was called again to the first window and a few mins later told my visa was approved. (Happpppy)

    I did quite a bit of study considering that my case was on shaky grounds....One of my known contacts knew someone who was on limbo for last few months (admin 221g). Was told to prepared on the lines of why switch? Why did you search job on B1 (I did not)? etc.

    Also did a lot of praying which I guess is the singular reason why I made it thru' ( not ashamed to say this)

    Good luck folks. Hope my experience helps you.

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    Thanks for sharing this.

    This might help my friend who is trying to do the same thing as you. From Tourist to Work while in the US.

    Thank you.

    These are my personal thoughts. I am not a professional.

    Wishing you luck.


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      B1 to H1b - Successful stamping

      I got some friends who came back asking for some pointers in this topic unaware I have already shared this in such a popular forum.
      Well...things get lost int he middle of so many of those visa questions.
      Hope this post helps anyone who is looking for some direction on this.
      Considering the turn of events since last election, I highly doubt a similar occurrence is possible. But there is light at the end of the tunnel my friends...