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COS from H1B to H4

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  • COS from H1B to H4

    I'm plannning to apply for COS from H1B to H4. I was on maternity leave on March & April, so no payslips for those months and have payslip for May and June.

    1. is 3 months payslip sufficient for H1 -> H4
    2. Can I send my maternity leave form for the month of April instead of payslip for that month ?
    3. Im yet to resign my job from July 1st and im not in project, so do I still need to submit payslip for few days in July if I apply for COS on 8th July ?
    4. When is the ideal time to send resignation letter to my employer- immediately after i send the I-539 for to USCIS or once I receive the receipt from USCIS ?
    5. Can I travel india while the processing takes place ?
    6. Can I apply for new H1B inbetween the processing - since my current h1b expires November 2013