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H1 opportunities starting with a BA degree?

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  • H1 opportunities starting with a BA degree?

    Hi. I'm a Canadian university student about to get a BA (major in Film Studies and minors in English and Philosophy). I'm looking to move to the US and I'm wondering how competitive or how practical certain visa possibilities are.

    I believe the only position my degree qualifies me for is Technical Writing (which would be under TN, actually). Would it be hard to get an H1 position after a year or two of work experience under TN? I heard H1 jobs are mostly in IT.

    Law school is the obvious option given my degree, but I don't think I want to do that.

    I can potentially learn a bit of coding and work part time in web design, but I don't think there are visas for that, are there? And even if I learn server scripting and get a job offer as a web developer, I think my lack of a CS degree would stop me from getting the H1 visa?

    I assume this isn't the case, but would an MFA count as "required" for any job, thus making the position H1-viable? I originally wanted to study game design. Even if I do get into a program, though, I don't imagine an MFA would qualify me for a visa?

    My current plan is to get some business prerequisites in college and eventually go for an MBA in the US, hopefully working for a startup (although I know small companies are more hesitant to sponsor visas). Does an MBA meet the requirements for general business administration jobs, or is it more specific (finance, consulting, etc)? If there's enough freedom with the MBA then it's probably my best bet, unless it's more competitive than I think. I wouldn't be coming out of a top MBA program, but I'm also not aiming for the top corporations or startups, so I'm hoping it balances out.

    I know all visa jobs are "competitive" to some degree, but any info (anecdotal or otherwise) would be appreciated. I'd like to have an idea of how stacked the odds are against me before I decide what to do.