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PLEASE HELP **** H4 Approval **** PLEASE HELP

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  • PLEASE HELP **** H4 Approval **** PLEASE HELP


    I'm on H4 visa, my husband is the primary applicant, he's on H1-B, recently my husband changed his job and his H1 got transfered and recieved his approval notice. We are waiting for my H4 papers, we tried to track our case on USCIS website and found out that my H4 has been approved and the notice has already been mailed. Since, we changed our address and old address was given during filing we thought that it would have gone to our old address and we called USCIS customer care, the call got escalated to USCIS officer and he told that the papers would go directly to the paralegal who did our paper work. We have still not recieved my H4 approval notice and the status still says approved and mailed on 21st Dec. Recently we saw a disclaimer in one of the emails from our paralegal which said 'Please do not attempt to contact the USCIS Service Center directly; speaking to a USCIS officer regarding this case may adversely affect it'. I'm scared now. Is it possible to change the decision because we spoke to the USCIS officer regarding delivery address?